All of my life I have had the passion to paint.  However, my early career choices took me to the more technical art of architecture.  Although, my career in architecture spans nearly forty years, my passion for painting has never swayed.  Over the years I dabbled, creating very small paintings interpreting immense abstract landscapes.

My initial inspiration came to me after my first commercial air flight, as I viewed the landscape from 30,000 feet.  I was awed by the tremendous compositions that were in abundance below…the arbitrary divisions on the earth placed by nature and man,  the transitional edges created from the morphing geography, the vibrant colors of the seasons layered over the patchwork textures of forests, fields, rivers, and lakes.

As my art and my age have progressed, I find my passion for painting aerial landscape abstractions becoming expansive and intense.  There is, more than ever, a balanced integration and layering of pattern, proportion, space and form.  As I have evolved emotionally and spiritually, painting has become more than just this outward expression, it has become my inner meditation.

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